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Veronica Henry was asked to leave the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army. She was then asked to leave the University of Bristol, where she was studying Classics, because she was spending too much time running a post-punk nightclub to do her conjugations. Happily, she wasn’t asked to leave the BBC when she secured a job on The Archers, where her duties ranged from organising Shula Archer’s wedding photographs with Patrick Lichfield to playing Peaches the barmaid in the Cat and Fiddle.

From there she went to Central Television to script-edit such broadcasting legends as Crossroads and Boon. She then left to have her first child and became a scriptwriter, writing hundreds of hours of broadcast television for Heartbeat, Doctors and Family Affairs amongst others. In 2000, she turned her hand to novels, using her story-lining skills to write compelling, multi-protagonist fiction. She is now a regular member of the Holby City writing team.

She lives in North Devon with her husband and three sons.